Transport Students and Professors

5 Ways to make Transport Sustainable

Prioritize Sustainable Transport

Leaders of the future embrace plans that minimize fossil fuel use, while extracting the most benefits from a design. Increasing transport benefits can set the conditions for a life worth living. Improving the quality of life is priority worthy of pursuit. What will happen if people walk, bicycle and use transit more frequently?

  • People will reduce the damage to the environment and animals and people.
  • People will get more exercise, which could reduce the cost of healthcare.
  • People will spend less money on transport and have more money for other things.
  • The government will do less work to govern, and police the transport system
  • Less people may be killed or injured in a vehicle accident.

Identify dilapidated or unused vehicle infrastructure.

To make a more sustainable future, we should make the most of what we have before we stop using it or it breaks down.

Reduce pavement 1% per year

Road building destroys the environment. What happens when pavement breaks down?

Expand permeable surfaces